Submit Your Gratitude Response on the Blog

Getting ready to submit your gratitude response? Have all your tools ready: your gratitude journal, camera, computer, and, of course, some coffee.

As a reader, you can also submit your gratitude response for sharing on the blog. If you’re reading this page, you’re at least a little interested in sharing your responses, and we certainly hope you will! We are so grateful that our harebrained idea to make the world a better place (wild, we know) has inspired you in some way. We read every gratitude response that is submitted to decide whether its right to share with our readers.

Community Is Vital: Your Decision to Submit Your Gratitude Response Matters

Without readers sharing their own reflections, either on social media or our site, a vital component of the Year of Gratitude challenge is missing: Your voice. Each of has a unique perspective to add about the struggle to choose joy. Moreover, we each have different reasons to choose to be joyful, just as we all have own our hobbies and life goals. Rachel’s might be owning a farm, while Alexandra’s might be working in a library.

Even if we were living those dream selves, we would still need to talk about our successes and failures at choosing joy with each other. Our environments don’t really make us happy or unhappy. We can choose to be happy now rather than hope to be happy someday in the future, after we get closer to that dream life we yearn after.

This be-happy-now choice is where community support becomes vital. We need to support each other in cultivating more positive outlooks. This support can be responding to blog posts, sharing your reflections on Facebook, taking pictures on Instagram that address the prompt or a prompt’s response, or sharing your own gratitude response for publishing on the site. With a community of people all reaching toward the same goal, we are all more likely to attain it. So, participate and share away. 

If you decide to submit your gratitude response, that is the epitome of community participation!

Submit Your Gratitude Response: Process Breakdown

Here’s the submission process would break down for readers:

  • Read a weekly prompt and decide to write on the response.
  • Write great content about the post (heartfelt, funny, touching, honest).
  • Take a photo to use as the featured image.
  • For us to share your response the same week as the initial prompt, complete the form by Thursday at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time the week that the prompt is released.
    • We will continue to read your responses and possibly share them in other avenues, but we are specifically looking for one guest contributor on Fridays. So share away, and we’ll read away. So, there is a due date if you want to be the Friday contributor, but you can still participate or have your voice share if you’re submitting after that due date.
  • Wait with bated breath to know whether your post has gone live.
  • Submit other responses for future dates.

We promise to read your submissions. Actually, we really look forward to reading them, so please share them.

Use this form to submit your gratitude response to Year of Gratitude. If you were looking for a general contact form, you can check out our writer page to send us a note or general comment.

Submission Form for Sharing on Year of Gratitude