We all find ourselves a little lost sometimes. Maybe you’re searching to find meaning in your life or trying desperately to find a modicum of happiness amid a turbulent and awful year. Perhaps you’re trying to root yourself in the present and live your best life. If so, you’re not much different than us. As part of our goals to focus on happiness amid chaos, we created the Year of Gratitude to bring more joy into the world. We want to choose joy for ourselves and to help others choose joy in their own lives.

The Purpose of the Year of Gratitude

The Year of Gratitude is a writing and reflection-based challenge geared toward others like us who are trying to actively choose joy in their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are:  this 52-week challenge can benefit your life and help you to cultivate a greater appreciation for what you already have in your own life. You can read more about how the gratitude challenge works here.

Arguably more importantly, the Year of Gratitude is about bringing people together to build each other up and support each other when we fall. The stressful moments of life are particularly adept at making utter messes of our plans and emotional states. Alexandra and Rachel are good friends (albeit very different people). We’ve each supported the other through some less than fun moments. We hope that you find some of the support you’re looking for here—and in your non-internet life too.

We also hope to see you as a frequent visitor to our website. Check out our blog for the weekly posts and responses, and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram too. If you subscribe (which we both think you should do!), you’ll get free inspirational printables that Alexandra designs. We’ll also stay in touch by a monthly newsletter with fun tidbits from the website and our contributors.

On that note, yes, you matter to this website. Write and share your own responses and get involved in our community to help propel your goal of being more grateful, mindful, and happier this year. Read about the “official” submission process here. You can be just as much part of the conversation in the comments, on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re not entirely sold on the benefits of gratitude or are generally interested in the psychology of happiness, check out our research page and extra credit resources page to get more information. We have some excellent reading recommendations there, and we’re always happy to get new recommendations. Both of us are avid readers. In fact, you can learn more about us here. Of course, you’ll get to know us very well through our journal responses over the next 52-weeks.

Please join us on this journey.

Also, Rachel hates the word journey.

So, you can expect the occasional bit of snark to creep into our responses too. After all, we’re not sages. That’s part of what makes this decision to choose joy in our lives so meaningful.

The Year of Gratitude: Being grateful for a beautiful butterfly on a field of delicate purple flowers